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J&D's Ketchup Salt

Item Number B-1067
J&D's Ketchup Salt
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Is Ketchup Salt kind of weird? Absolutely. 

But isn't it also kind of weird that Thomas Edison made light from a metal filament, or that Benjamin Franklin flew a kite during a lightning storm? In a country where the Kindergarten Cop became Governor of California, is it so weird that we dared to dream of a seasoning that would give us bold ketchup taste while keeping our fries crispy and our eggs smokin' hot? 

Don't get us wrong, we love Ketchup. We drive with our knees at 80 MPH to get that last bit of ketchup out of the packet on our drive-thru fries. We dedicate no less than 75% of our fridge space to massive ketchup bottles that could be used as flotation devices in an apocalyptic flood. Sure there are drawbacks - like that goatee of nasty crust growing inside the jar, the runny liquid version that cries ketchupy tears all over our eggs, or even the way-too-thick version that makes us smack ketchup jars like crazed chimpanzees.

So now there's an answer to our prayers - Ketchup Salt. Sure, it might be weird, but it's also innovative, foward-thinking, and dare we say - downright patriotic? 

Just try it on your fries, mixed in burgers, on your eggs, or even in your meatloaf. Say the Pledge of Allegiance 10 times. And consider what a great country we live in where you can combine two great things into one weirdly awesome seasoning.  
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