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J&D's Malt Salt 3-pack

Item Number B-1057
J&D's Malt Salt 3-pack
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Our Malt Salt 3 pack is the most cost effective way to get your daily dose of malt (salt) or share it with a couple of friends - perhaps over fish and chips? 

A new product from J&D's that doesn't taste like bacon? Preposterous. 

But the idea for Malt Salt - a malt vinegar flavored seasoning that added the flavor of malt vinegar to things like fish and chips without getting them soggy or cold - has been haunting us for some time. Every time we get fish and chips, they get cold and soggy.

Until one day, we decided to make a sample of Malt Salt... 
\We tried it on fish and chips. Crispy and delicious! On peas and other veggies. Fantastic! On homemade potato chips. Unreal! 

Malt Salt just might be the red-headed stepchild of the royal bacon empire, but it was simply too good not to make. Try it at your next fish fry, cookout, or weekday meal - or just ask for it at your favorite restaurant.

Malt Salt - Tasty. Malty. Crispy. Spot on. 

(3oz jar)

P.S. Ask about special pricing for restaurants! Contact us.
  • Zero fat
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher
  • Low sodium
  • Zero Calories
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